Sunday School

9:15 - 10:15 AM Sunday Mornings

meeting in person

Adult Classes

  • Keith Robinson Crusaders - Teachers Rotate - This is a class where learning is the hallmark. Fellowship is the glue that keeps them together, combined with their love for God and each other. New members are always welcome. This class features many of our more "seasoned" members.
  • The Navigators - Teachers Rotate - This class is comprised of all age groups where open discussion is encouraged. This class assumes no prior knowledge of the Bible and focuses on building a relationship with God and other classmates.
  • Branches - Mike Sandridge , teacher - This class consists of informal, discussion style format and covers a variety of areas from topical and scriptural subjects. The class decides what to study and then a study guide is provided to each class participant. The age range is from mid 30’s – 60’s.
  • Pairs & Spares - Teachers Rotate - This class uses the LifeWay Sunday School materials. This class encourages support of one another as they discuss their lesson. The class consists of married and single members. 
  • Lord Lovin' Ladies - Robin Parrett , teacher - Come and join this group of ladies as they study Biblical truth, and find application through discussion from a female perspective.
  • Truth Seekers - Rick Purdy - Come study the Bible one book or topic at a time through guided discussion with some use of additional material. Students are adults of all ages interested in learning more about the Bible.

Youth and Young Adult

  • Beyond - This class is for post-high school young adults, looking for an opportunity to study the Bible in a relaxed atmosphere. Using open discussion and multi-media we are diving into the God’s Word and learning how to apply it to our everyday lives. Join us as we learn, encourage and share.
  • Junior High and Senior High Youth - Roy & Linda Peay, Robin Callahan, Rachel Barnes, teachers - This group has energetic lessons taught by dedicated adults. They combine for some lessons and split up at other times. This is a great way for your youth to become comfortable with our loving group of young people!


  • Pre-School - Rooms 7/8 - Kelley Harding & Janice Finnegan, teachers - We love our children, but especially the little ones. Our facilities are great for this age group.
  • Kindergarten—1st Grade - Room 9 - Carol Evers & Rachel Barnes, teachers - Our early learners are an important group and they get special attention in this class.
  • 2nd—5th Grades - Room 13 - Tim Rush, Shannon Chenault, Wendy DuRocher & Madison DuRocher, teachers - We love our children and pour into them during the Sunday School hour.